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What are the odds?

  • If you claim 1 ticket (equivalent of 64p) on a £1000 cash prize, your odds of winning are 1 in 4000 at Lottery Madness. The National Lottery doesn't even give you the option to play at just 64p!
  • If you claim 3 tickets (equivalent of £1.92) on a £1000 cash prize, your odds of winning are 1 in 1333 at Lottery Madness. With the National Lottery, a £2 ticket gives you odds of 1 in 144,000, making you 108 times more likely to win at Lottery Madness.
  • If you claim 15 tickets (equivalent of £9.60) on a £1000 cash prize, your odds are 1 in 267 at Lottery Madness. With the National Lottery, 5 £2 tickets gives you odds of 1 in 28,800!

Do the maths, this is why it's called Lottery Madness! Where would you rather be? nipping down the shops and putting a tenner on the National Lottery, or in the comfort of your home and playing with us where there is a real chance of winning? A very real chance.

It's not only cash, there are other prizes too and the chances of winning are exactly the same... realistic!!! We don't want to make the odds difficult, we want to make them great which is why we only sell a finite number of tickets per raffle. That way we can control the odds and you will continue playing. Don't get disheartened if you don’t win straight away, keep playing and at some point it will be your lucky day... quite possibly many times over. Will you be the one with the luck of the Irish? the one with the golden touch? the jammy one? Whatever you may be, we wish you luck!

About Us

We are a socially responsible community company. Online gaming has profited too few people and we want to change that. Through the networking capabilities we have built into this web based raffle / lottery anybody can earn a living wage and can easily achieve an income in excess of £50,000 per year. In fact there is no limit, a model below can show you how it's very achievable to earn in excess of £10,000 per month! The best part? It’s fun and you get to win prizes while you earn.

We are a fun leisure site with amazing prizes and an excellent chance of being a winner.

There is no joining fee and you can refer other people automatically via the website so they can join your network. To enable commissions to be paid you need to stay an active member with no break at all.

We don’t spend fortunes on advertising. So that means more money can be paid out to you.