How it Works

Lottery Madness is essentially an online raffle. To get started, simply set up your free account and buy some credits. These credits are used to get tickets in a raffle. Once you have credits in your account, have a look at what prizes are on offer and choose your desired prize. You’ll then be taken to choose your specific raffle tickets. Just hit “play” anytime you want, to increase your odds of winning!

Click "My account" to find out the status of your prizes. You can find out how many tickets you have, how many raffles you’ve entered and even how many credits you have left.

How does the raffle work?

Raffles have always been a firm favourite. But how often do you actually get the opportunity to take a trip to the fair? We’ve created Lottery Madness to let you take part in raffles from the comfort of your own home!

The raffle is drawn at approximately 6pm the day after the tickets have sold out. We use a computer to randomly choose the winning number, but we have an independent witness watching to confirm validity.

The owner of the winning ticket will be notified by email, and someone from Lottery Madness will be in touch to arrange delivery.

To ensure that everybody has a realistic chance of winning, there are a fixed number of tickets for each prize. No Rollovers here!